The Making Of: The Grillo’s Pickles x HGP Vintage Varsity Jacket

A jacket for the elite pickle-eaters everywhere. The Grillo’s x HGP Vintage Varsity Jacket project was born out of a shared love of things that taste good, things that look good, and the thrill of the chase for good vintage.

Watch it all come together, in unreal time over on the Hungry Ghost Press channel.

The jacket itself is from Caplan’s Sport Shop, a staple in downtown Portland, Oregon for decades. It was founded in 1905 by Harry Caplan, changed hands in the 1980’s, then eventually shut down in 2003 because rent’s too high and there’s nowhere to park. From what I’ve come to understand, it was THE place to buy varsity jackets, just like this one, with wool bodies and leather sleeves.

Photo: Oregon Jewish Museum
Photo: Bob Ellis, The Oregonian

The Grillo’s ‘G’ on the front was thrifted. We think it’s a lacrosse letter, but the embroidery is up to your own interpretation. You can watch me sew the ‘G’ and the HGP chain patch onto the jacket to some sweet royalty free music by clicking on the photos of my hands below!!

Watch me sew this chain, it’s super fun